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Extended about me + BYI
14 Jun 2024, 01:55 PM

Hello! I've been on this site for a few days now - I figured I might as well share an extended introduction and my BYI list since there are a couple of important things to know about me before you consume my content, so let's get into it!


My name is Antares, though you can also call me Rain, Inertia or Oblivion/Bliv! I also go by Bayonet or Bayonetta if you really want, but I'd prefer I at least knew who you were if you wanted to call me this tbh. I use She/They/Fae pronouns and am a Demigirl!! I was born female and still identify on the feminine spectrum so idc really being referred to as female

I'm an alterhuman! Otherkin and otherheared specifically - my kintypes are a Dragon, Wyvern, Drake and Sea Serpent; they all sound the same but trust me, there are differences. My hearttypes are a Golden Eagle, Lynx, Deer, Snake, Domestic Cat. I'm also a furry/scalie! I'm currently working on a fursuit head for a sona of mine, though motivation's been kinda in the dumps so I've not been making very consistent progress on it bahah.

I am Bisexual, but I'm not really interested in a relationship rn

I'm also neurodivergent! I got a formal diagnosis of Autism when I was about 7 - was also diagnosed with SPD alongside that. I'm currently looking to get an ADHD diagnosis - combined type specifically; that and a personality disorder (I will not say which one it is yet) too. I am mentally unwell so my emotions can be really overwhelming at times, but I tend to stay away from conversations if this happens so you shouldn't worry about me lashing out or anything; it's better or worse on different days.

My current hyperfixations are Gregory Horror Show (this has been for the past 2 or so years now), Adventure Time, Hazbin Hotel, Alton Towers and Robocar Poli!! I have many more interests though which I won't list for the sake of my sanity but you can find them on my carrd here

My special interests are nuclear radiation, neurodivergency/disorders (most of my characters are neurodiverse in some manner!), space/astronomy, rollercoasters, flying vehicles (particularly helicopters) and power stations (nuclear ones especially)

I'm from Scotland - I have a lot of Italian heritage though! I think I'm actually more Italian than I am Scottish lmao, I was just born over here. I also have a lot of Irish and English heritage, as well as a whole load of other countries I'm not too sure of. I'm currently learning how to speak Italian and I practically live over there in the summer because my family has a second home there


PLEASE read this before interacting with me!! There's a lot of important stuff on here - also please don't take my notes as off-putting or hostile! I have a lot of boundaries due to my mental state

  • I'm very impulsive verbally and this is something I'm very bad for. I often don't read messages fully and can be quite quick to respond, so I tend to overlook things. Please don't judge me over this and gently correct me if I miss anything. I come off as entitled, condescending and distant a lot when I try not to be so please don't take this to heart
  • I have bad trust issues and paranoia; do not try getting close to me if I'm not familiar with you, nor should you defy any of my boundaries. I am very unforgiving and make negative associations to a lot of things so I may come off as aggressive (though this isn't intentional to an extent) if you're associated with something I see in a negative light.
  • I am uncomfortable with mentions of Homestuck, Primagens/Protogens, rollercoaster/theme park incidents and deer hunting. The last two I can manage in fiction, but please keep discussing real-life situations to a minimum.
  • Tone tags, abbreviations, keysmashes, etc, are all appreciated when conversing with me because I tend to take blunt tones as attacks - this isn't a you problem though, mainly me. I will always use these with you and I'd appreciate it if you didn't ask me to stop unless it's dire.
  • I am quite mentally challenged and internalise a LOT of my emotions - I may disappear from conversations for long amounts of time due to this; that and I also have a low social battery in general. Please do not force me to discuss my emotions with you because this is something I really dislike to tell others
  • I like to ramble! I'm a rather hyperactive poster so I tend to go overboard with some things sometimes - I also swear and complain quite a lot so please tell me if you don't want me to do this!
  • Please ask before venting to me, I cannot stress this enough. Very heavy personal vents make me uncomfortable and can even trigger my paranoia - not to mention I'm really not the best person to seek consolation from. I've had a bad experience with this kind of thing
  • Please let me know of your triggers early on if you're planning to associate yourself with me. I've had a bad experience with this as well and I don't want this happening again
  • I'd rather keep most relations as mutuals unless I decide to take things further.
  • As an ND person, I do not like terms such as 'neurospicy', 'acoustic' or 'restarted' - do not use them around me. I can handle 'tism' to an extent but do not push it - I'd rather you didn't make this joke unless I do first. The Autism (and ADHD) creatures make me kinda uncomfortable because I don't like my mental health being made out as 'cute' or 'quirky' - it's something I've struggled with my entire life.
  • People hating on one of my comfort franchises/characters will likely be blocked; whenever I label a character/franchise as a 'comfort' it means I symphasise with them very strongly and I do not appreciate hate on them at all (I know half of my comfort characters are villains; do I care? No.)
  • My characters have problematic themes in their stories and actions, I do not condone, romanticise, or glorify any of this. Please refrain from consuming my content if you are sensitive to anything stated on my warnings, as such matter will be explained in detail when it arises. All characters with sensitive content will be seperately tagged.
  • I hold grudges for a long time, sorry if I come off as distrusting or mean in any ways. If we have had a negative interaction in the past, I will likely not want to associate with you (unless I've forgotten about you, but I likely won't). I do not want to associate with those who have blocked me (or vice versa) due to this.
  • FRIENDS/MUTUALS OF MY EX-FRIEND ARE ON VERY VERY THIN ICE. I'm not exaggerating this - you're associating with a bad person. They made me very uncomfortable so I do not want to be associated with them or even have their name mentioned around me; I spiral whenever I see it.
  • I'm very forgetful, please do not hesitate to remind me of anything - especially owed art or RP responses (I often forget to check the Rolechat because I do not get overt notifs from it). I lose motivation very easily as well so large art pieces will likely take a very long time to complete - do not pressure me to respond or finish anything because it will put me off.
  • I'd prefer it if you didn't bring up any major negative real-world events in our conversations as they tend to make me uncomfortable - especially wars. I do support Palestine and Ukraine, and I encourage you donate to support them!
  • I do suffer from an inferiority complex, so I'd rather you don't make comments about being better/knowing more than me at something as it can really cause it to flare up (the amount of people who've told me stuff like this is honestly shocking). I also am quite dysmorphic about my height - I discourage you make comments about that as well; do not make height jokes around me unless I make one first.
  • PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY JOKING THREATS ABOUT HURTING ME; joke or not I tend to take these as actual threats and can trigger bad emotions within me. Please do not do this unless I make one of these jokes first.
  • Per a recent interaction I had in a Discord server, do NOT call me a child. I may be under 18, but please use the word minor instead - being called a child makes me uncomfortable, especially if it's by an adult. I will likely block you if you call me this. I know it sounds stupid, but it's something that genuinely makes me feel quite negative.
  • I edit my messages a lot after posting them because I am an idiot and often think of things to say after posting - that and I'm super impulsive with texting overall so I may have gotten paranoid and changed some stuff. Please don't mind this! Oftentimes if you see I've edited a message it's usually because I changed my wording or smth hh


For something a tad bit more lighthearted, here are some fun facts about me!

  • I am right-handed, nothing interesting in that factor lol. I used to lie about being ambidextrous in Primary School though just to seem cool.
  • My favourite rollercoaster is the Smiler at Alton Towers! I've ridden it twice - once at day and the other at night. The rollercoaster I've ridden the most is Wicker Man at the same park, and my first non-kiddie coaster was Galactica (also at AT)
  • I'm currently working on a Wings of Fire AU series entitled 'The Game of Life' - it's on my AO3 account if you wanna read it! The second book is currently in-progress and will likely be for a while now bahah
  • I'm a vegetarian!! Have been my whole life - I don't intend on going vegan though, I cannot LIVE without ice cream bro. Pizza is my favourite food (with no toppings). I won't force my vegetarianism on you btw, we're all cool.
  • I'm an Agnostic Atheist but I'm totally chill with other religions as long as you don't force your beliefs on me haha; in fact, I find religious stories rather interesting! I have a world with angels and demons
  • I've got a monster reading list because I often forget about books, but I'm currently reading Dragon Champion by E.E Knight! I recently finished the Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels (highly recommend if you're into fictional crime btw!!)
  • My favourite genre is Dark Fantasy; absolutely ADORE this. I also like plain horror and fantasy though. Feel free to suggest a Dark Fantasy series to me!! I've been struggling to find them :wail: most of my stories are also in Dark Fantasy settings
  • I like to collect plushies! Build-a-bears specifically. I also have a large Pokemon card and Dragon sculpture collection however!
  • I have a certificate in first aid which allows me to perform it for 3 years - if you need help just call /j /lh
  • I own 2 dogs and 2 cats! Their names are Rosa, Luna, Pepper and Jasper.
  • There are a colony of stray cats that live nearby my Italy home; every year we go and feed them. They all have their own names!
  • I've seen Paramore and Taylor Swift live!

Thanks for sticking around and reading! I really appreciate it haha. This will frequently be updated with new content, so feel free to check back every so often!

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