Miss D. (Debra)

Silva The Weasel Character Reference

Place of Birth:
Gender Identity:

ABILITIES: She has a stun gun, and rides a sky-cycle;
she can fight, and she will do so when necessary.
AGE: 24 LIKES: She likes to listen to music, and being a bounty hunter (sometimes) DISLIKES: ???
NAME: Silva The Weasel NICKNAMES: Miss Silver
SPECIES: Weasel EYES: Brown HAIR: Silver

APPEARANCE: A silver colored weasel, with a red-orange vest and fingerless gloves. Back dress/now shirt & shorts and boots, gold rings on her tail. [Note: She does not have a very big fang, it does not show as much]. APPEARANCES IN STORIES: The Oddest Things can be True. HISTORY: A girl who somehow gets herself into adventures, and for some odd reason took up... bounty hunter. Which her mother really discourages and would rather she became a lawyer instead.

Silva has to deal with this argument on her future career number of times with her mother. There’s an uncle that is on Silva’s dad’s side, who is suppose to be a lawyer. With Sierra’s arm twisting wishes (not literally arm twisting but close) Silva had to meet him a number times. However, there is something about him that’s not right about him. His character is very eccentric that Silva has doubts that he is a lawyer.

[Demetrius will reveal the truth about the so-call lawyer.]

Silva works for a chameleon Demetrius that is quite dark and very mysterious and possible past story to match. He has an assistant whose name is Wanda—a cat whose jingles with bracelets.

Very little is known about Silva’s father, but if known. He’s an mysterious secret agent from the Ivo Robotnik era, and no one (even Sierra) knows if he been roboticized or even alive.

Silva tries to be careful in what cases she takes on, but sometimes things can get a little hairy...

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