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A dragon is walking
A dragon is walking by Sonitweek C (@manucote)

'Cause into a poll that I did, people wante dto see more Dragons from me.

This one took me lot of time to complete. Not because IM not fast ( LLOL) 'cause had about 30 minutes per day to colot it. The wings was hard to color, 'cause you see the body too.

Anyway. The thing you see on her neck, it's the last time that I draw it on her. Why? ALL the poeple thing I was inspired by the draon on Shrek and it's wrong -_-. Into the long story I did with Dragonna, she had that.... but that I'm just annoying to read that I was inspired by Shrek ( DON'T SAY THAT INTO YOUR COMMENTS OK ?!? ) so it's the last time that I draw that. I'll chance a little bit my story and I'll found an other thing for her.

Anyway, Enjoy that Dragon pic with my dear Dragonna

Medias: Prismacolored pencils and Ink. Background is found there:

Furry / Anthropomorphic
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17 years and 269 days ago
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Posted: Saturday, 20 November, 2004 @ 01:49 AM

I love the way her eyes look so alive. Wonderful coloring job too! :]

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