Hemlock Study
Hemlock Study by @Casteso

I've been updating art on some characters and I really like how this one came out.

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Posted: Sunday, 26 May, 2024 @ 10:39 AM

I think you did a good job on the pose.

Particularly on that upward facing/tilt of the head, which I feel many people (Myself included) have a hard time pulling off.

The blending of colours, lighting and magical effects are also really well done.

Good work.

Posted: Monday, 03 June, 2024 @ 06:33 PM

@The-Wizard-of-Zaar: Thank you! I had a hard time finding a reference orginally(I ended up having to pose a 3D model), but boy did it make a world of difference than if I tried to do it from imagimation. 

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