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I Will Protect You [Mar 20, 2016]
I Will Protect You [Mar 20, 2016] by @Fireseeker_Arts (Fireseeker Arts)

So for this year, things may be a bit out of order ... Around my Junior year of high school, my art class had this project. The idea was to create a 12 piece long narrative using a variety of art mediums. Due to time constraints I made 90 percent of this project in the traditional+ digital style that was engrained in me. Looking back at it now, I kinda regret not experimenting with other mediums. Makes sense why I only got a B in that project. I also did not like every piece i have done but I will post the ones that I do like. I hope they at least tell the basics of the narrative. Once I post them all I plan on posting all of the other 2016 pieces that I like on here.

The narrative went along like this; it is a fantastical journey about a girl, who represents myself, overcoming her fears and the monsters that terrorize her. Beforehand, she cowered behind her armored "brother". I say this in quotes because he is based on a very close friend of mine that I saw as a big brother. He fights off Incertus, who represents that taunting feeling of self- doubt. For years, I saw myself as a weak person. Not only did I feel physically weak but whenever I felt anxious or faced trouble I would rely on my friends for comfort or protection. I really felt that I will not be able to stand up for myself or face a problem head on without thinking "I can't do it!" I still struggle with this feeling from time to time. I also used clothing as a representation of strength. I see a strong person wearing metaphorical armor, armed with a weapon they can use to defend themselves. Like a knight if you will. Yet the girl wears a white vest and belt, akin to a training uniform. When it comes to strength, it takes time to work towards it, which is something I implement within this narrative.

Art belongs to me.

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