June 14th, 2024



An adaptation of the 2009 film “9”.



Hirsch is ordered by Dr. Eggman to create a robot in the apparent name of progress. The scientist creates the BRAIN, a highly intelligent robot. Eggman seizes it upon its apparent completion and turns it into the Fabrication Machine, an armature that can construct an army of war machines to destroy Eggman’s enemies. However, because the BRAIN lacked a soul, it became corrupted and declared war on all biological life on Earth. On the verge of destruction, Hirsch uses alchemy to give his childhood toys portions of his soul via a talisman he made in a last resort to stop the machines, the man then dies after putting the last portion of his soul into the final toy. Sometime later the final toy, Kirby, awakens in the workshop and ventures into the devastated city where he meets Edd who is a frail inventor. The last active machine, the Cat Beast, attacks the pair, abducts Edd and takes the talisman. Kirby collapses but awakens in Sanctuary, the tower of an empty cathedral that is home to the other toys - the dogmatic leader Dr. Blackwell, his large bodyguard Golem, the cycloptic engineer Lincoln, and the mentally unstable oracle Alpha. Kirby, having seen the condemned factory where the Cat Beast took Edd, decides to rescue him. Kirby and Lincoln venture to the factory where they find Edd. The Cat Beast attacks the trio, but are saved by Pearl, the only female of the toy group. Kirby, drawn by curiosity, connects the talisman to the dormant Fabrication Machine, accidentally reviving it, and it subsequently kills Edd by sucking out his soul. Kirby, Lincoln and Pearl manage to escape the factory. Pearl takes Kirby and Lincoln to an abandoned library, where the silent scholar twins, Popo and Nana, have taken residence, and show Kirby the Fabrication Machine's origins. Lincoln realizes the talisman's symbols match the clairvoyant drawings of Alpha. Kirby and Lincoln return to Sanctuary to investigate, but Blackwell intervenes and reprimands them for disobeying his orders.




Meanwhile, the Fabrication Machine assembles new robotic creatures; one of them, the bird-like Winged Beast, attacks the Sanctuary. Pearl joins the fight, and the toys promptly destroy the Winged Beast. As the group retreats to the library, Alpha, Popo and Nana cryptically explain the talisman's origins, but Blackwell reveals to the group that he sent Edd out of Sanctuary on a scouting trip to die. Pearl, shocked by this, attacks Blackwell but flees when Kirby intervenes. Meanwhile, the Fabrication Machine retrieves Edd’s corpse and uses it as a hypnotic lure for another one of its robot creatures, known as the Seamstress. The Seamstress attacks the library and captures both Pearl and Golem, but Edd’s body is recovered and given a funeral by the others. The others then run to the factory to destroy the machines. Kirby goes in alone, kills the Seamstress, and rescues Pearl, but not before Golem’s soul is absorbed by the Fabrication Machine. Kirby and Pearl escape while the others destroy the factory. The Fabrication Machine, which survived, suddenly emerges from the factory's ruins and absorbs Lincoln’s soul. The Fabrication Machine attacks the group as they run away and manages to capture Alpha. Alpha tells Kirby to go to Hirsch’s workshop to find answers before being absorbed by the Fabrication Machine. Kirby follows Alpha’s instructions, finding a holographic recorded message from Hirsch, explaining BRAIN's origins and that the toys have his soul, making them the only hope for humanity. Following this revelation, Kirby uncovers the purpose of the talisman and returns to his friends. Kirby reunites with the other toys and plans to sacrifice himself so the others can retrieve the talisman. Having had a change of heart, Blackwell redeems himself by pushing Kirby out of the way, and allowing himself to be absorbed. Kirby removes the talisman, resulting in its final destruction. Afterwards, Kirby, Pearl, Popo, and Nana free the souls of Lincoln, Blackwell, Alpha, Edd, and Golem from the talisman. As the souls fly up into the sky, it starts to rain. The final image shows that the raindrops contain small flecks of glowing bacteria, bringing life back into the world.

9 by @RaptorPupil

Dr. Blackwell (Mighty No. 9)- he is 1.

Edd- he is 2.

Popo and Nana (Ice Climbers)- they are 3 and 4.

Lincoln Loud- he is 5.

Alpha (TOME)- he is 6.

Pearl- she is 7

Golem- he is 8.

Kirby- he is 9.

Hirsch- he is the Scientist.

Dr. Eggman (Sonic Boom)- he is the Chancellor.

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