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Take 'em Back!
Take 'em Back! by @fragmented_imagination (B Sanders)

More of my moe anthropomorphic characters. Although she's considerably different from the first drawing, Alexandra is the one in the middle. Her different appearance, in this case, has been caused by the two little bundles of chaos she's trying to pass off to someone else. The one on the left is Kelsey, the anthropomorphism of "Idiots on a Ship". The clothes she's wearing is a one-piece utility suit, which is an outfit she has in common with one of her major characters. And although it's hard to see, that toy she's holding is actually a model of the Lightbender. The one on the right is Nuagette, who is the anthropomorphism of "The Sylph". In this case, she is a sylphid similar to the Sevent drawing posted somewhere else in my gallery. Unlike the mastermind Kelsey, Nuagette here actually had to be bound because she's a wind elemental and could easily get away from Sandy in any other case.

Rough / Concept
13y351d ago
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