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On telun!

You have entered the small space claimed by me, Fragmented Imagination, otherwise known as B. Sanders. I've been drawing for quite a while, most of it from "How to Draw Manga" guidebooks. While most people might disapprove of this method of learning to draw (primarily because now I can't draw anything else), I have found it a friendly way to get some of my ideas out of my head, where they're likely to get lost or destroyed by my inability to maintain them. I also like to dabble in 3D modeling, although this has been partially held up by a dead computer and my inability to find another which will let me use the old models again, so that's probably not going anywhere for the time being.

My art skills are generally lacking due to little time to practice. My main hobby is fiction writing, and much of that influences my artwork, so most of the art I post will likely be related to that in some manner. Additionally, I have a degree in linguistics, and a good chunk of my time is spent developing constructed languages for my work (my count is 84 languages as of March 2022), so some of that material may spill onto here on occasion.

I look forward to my time on this site.