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Keepin' It Real
Keepin' It Real by Catherine Fitzsimmons (@Jinx)

Sometimes, when life laughs at you, you can't help but laugh along with it.

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Posted: Monday, 27 September, 2004 @ 01:39 AM

Really great detail, I really like actually quite a bit about this. all your' proportions are flawless, and the detail and shading in the clothes, and accessories is amazing. The hair is also very nicely rendered. The rain, and the water running off their faces' is done quite well, and i really like how you darkened the wet areas on the clothes. The clouds are done well, as is the rain. The only thing that kinda irks me.... (if that's a word?) is the mouth on the guy on the right. don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with how it's drawn, it's just that i don't really think that it works with his face, and the picture. For some reason the mouth just draws my attention right there, and kind of making lose sight of the rest of the picture. anyway, this is really really good, great job. XD

Sincerely, Ikaika

Posted: Tuesday, 28 September, 2004 @ 07:58 PM

Wow--great job, Jinx! I'm really amazed at how much detail you put into this--but what impresses me the most is the emotion in this piece. The way you're holding your hand out and kind of grinning in disbelief... it's just so funny--it really describes the situations you've found yourself in. Knowing your life, this image really touches me--and not in the gooey, lovey kind of way, in the grinning, friendly, darn, I know what you mean, kind of way.

Those trees are excellent, did you know that? Great job on the shadow in them. I think the ground needs more texture, though--I can see you've added some, but it's just not enough to compare with the texture in the sky.

The rain is awesome. Really, it is! I really like how you've added mist around the trees, that's a great detail that people might miss. And darn, that bench must've taken forever. I would've given up and or gone nuts.

So... overall... awesome pic. I really am impressed, it does make me smile. It's great to see you've combined art and real life in such a great way. ;)

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