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Tarot Card - The Earth
Tarot Card - The Earth by Sonitweek C (@manucote)

I think it's my best Tarot card ever !! Tarot Card?? Yep, When I was in secondairy 5 ...about Mmmmm 2-3 years ago, my teacher give us a project. We had to draw a tarot card. Me, I did one with my character and I love the concept. So I started to draws many tarot cards for a personnal collection. For the moment, I have 10 cards, but I will do 15 others cards. They are on my bedroom ^_^

This card is the Earth. I took Orion for this. Orion is the character of my best friend ~-syb and I'm a big fan of him. So I drew Orion in a centaur form, because I love them, and he's the Element of the Earth. ( ok I know Earth isn't a tarot cards, but I mixed the tarot cards and some others things I like)

Because he's the Earth, the backgroung is a big mountain , and a little river, with a forest... I drew this background for represent the Earth, because Orion only can't represent it.

Me love the little creepers on the body of Orion. The coloring is VERY good for me .

I inked it with a chiness ink and colored it with Prismacolor pencils, my favorite medium. I think the cardboard sheet is about 9 po by 15-16 po. It's a little bit old...I did it in 2002, but I love it anyway. I don't know how time I spend on it ..but I'm happy !

Artwork © Copyright 2003 Manuella Coté

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19 years and 91 days ago
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Posted: Wednesday, 03 November, 2004 @ 04:25 PM

The colouring is wonderful. Only one crit i can make.. If you look at the word earth, youcan see that you coloured over your inking. It dulls out the black and takes away from it a bit. But I dont know if everyone can see it either.

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