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Realistic Joshua
Realistic Joshua by @jfong (Janna Fong)

I'm not sure why, but I tend to draw my character, Joshua, realistically from time to time. I was satisfied enough with this sketch to color it. I really like the outcome! I was first going to give him black hair so he could look more reality-based, but decided his blue hair was just as good. It's really the only thing you can identify him with. XP I know there are places where things are off. =P Seems like something is always skewed when I drew realistic portraits. I added his signature for a little flare.


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Posted: Tuesday, 26 December, 2006 @ 06:45 AM

I think the blue hair works better than black would have, it would have made the picture wrong in my opinion. I like how you drew his lips, i can never to lips. And there is real live in the eyes. Can't do that either. The signature is a nice touch

Posted: Tuesday, 26 December, 2006 @ 10:38 AM

Very nice! You have the realism down pat. I can never seem to really get the hang of it, but you've translated Joshua well here. I like how he has an Asian look to him. The thumbnail of this image looks fantastic. The fullsize image is very nice as well, though cleaning up some of the hair lines might help really make it shine. The shading is very nicely done and everything really looks wonderful. Nice work.

Posted: Thursday, 28 December, 2006 @ 07:20 PM

I love it! It's beautiful. :3

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