Proposed flag of dolphins
Proposed flag of dolphins by @chaseawaythedark

A little vexillology entry. In celebration of scientists mapping out the whole cetacean alphabet and giving widespread confirmation dolphins has a kind of proto-language (though the language(s) themselves remain elusive), my mind concocted this. Dolphins, if they're considered a non-human person, would constitute their own identity amongst the ranks of humans. They also don't, to our knowledge, have their own nations, just clans/pods, which would imply it's completely alright to place them under a single flag, and with the UK having a centuries-old decree saying all dolphins are protectorates of the queen, that technically makes dolphins a commonwealth nation, with their main expression of diplomacy being helping us out in the same way we help them out when they're beached, which means we already have the co-diplomacy part down.

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