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Big O Vs. Cloverfield
Big O Vs. Cloverfield by Miguel Castaneda (@migucast)

Norman: Master Roger, a giant monster has decapitated the Statue of Liberty.

Roger: I'm on it, Norman.




Roger: Big O!! ACTION!!!!!!


Roger: Huh. You're nothing more than an overgrown lizard with a few extra limbs... Well, I don't know WHERE you came from or HOW you got here, but I think you've worn out your WEL-COME!!!

First of all, sorry if this is a spoiler for anyone, but since DA took away the power to create our own thumbnails, it can't be helped. :\ Anyway...

I don't know how many of you have seen Cloverfield by now, otherwise known as Case #34522512 for why we need to build SUPER ROBOTS so that tragedies like this would NEVER occur! Plus, it would've made the movie more entertaining too.

I had this idea for a while now. Actually, I first got this idea waaaaaay back during War of the Worlds since New Jersey's so close to New York, however, then I chose to focus on Japan's reaction to the Martians which is treading on Mazinger's turf. Now, this confused mix between a Xenomorph Face Hugger and Godzilla has come to Roger's hometown and this means it's time for the Big Apple's patron Super Robot, Big O, to do his thing! Of course, to do this, I had to wait until I could actually go and see the movie myself and see what the monster was. And, this is pretty much what it is. Godzilla with six limbs, a longer tail, and a breathing membrane thing on its head. Yeah, no match for Big O! XD I imagine it would end with a Pile Driver Punch to its mid-section or head that would make a smoking hole too big for it to sustain its life functions. Or maybe the Chrome Buster, but I think it'd be too fast to hit with that since it requires a build up. Either way. $5 on the black megadeus! XD

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