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05 July, 2001
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28 April, 1978
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Originally, this directory was meant to be an archive for pictures that I couldn't fit on my main page, mainly older pictures. However... Now, that I don't HAVE a page anymore and probably won't again for some time thanks to my server canning its Free Policy... I guess this is pretty much going to be as much of a page as I'm going to have for a while. :\

Though, I've now linked up my mainly Nintendo-centric weekly comic, Gaming Reality, to replace the dead link that once lead to my page.

Anyway, most of the stuff on here is composed of some of my oldest pictures. However, there have been relatively new pictures added recently and until my current page situation changes, there'll probably be a LOT of brand new pictures uploaded here as time goes on.

As for myself... As you can see from my work, I'm not much of an artist... I only began to draw 4 or 5 years ago and have only taken one class on the subject recently. I don't really plan to make any kind of a career out of this... As much as I love manga artists like Masamune Shirow and Leiji Matsumoto, I want to follow in the footsteps of Shigeru Miyamoto instead as gaming is my first love.

I have been an anime fan forever (my first taste was Harlock when I was little followed closely by Voltron, Mazinger Z, and Transformers) and am mainly a fan of space opera and mecha shows (especially Super and Giant robots! "ROKETTO PANCHI!!!"). And my art ... Doesn't quite reflect that as much as I'd like... ^^;;; Oh well... Also, as you'll note, I am most skilled at drawing women and 9/10 times perfer to draw girls to men. [SHRUGS]

Also as stated above, I'm an avid gamer. 'Have been since I was tall enough to reach the controls of a Galaga machine (with the help of a step, of course). Though, specifically, I'm mainly a Nintendo gamer and I don't have much love for Sony or Square (I love RPGs, but not enough to give up Mario and Zelda for them). I love most of Nintendo's base franchises (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Punch Out!, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Kirby, et al.) as well as Capcom's Mega Man series, Konami's Castlevania and Gradius series, almost every Star Wars and Indy game from LucasArts, Quest's Ogre Battle series, and lately I've begun to harbor a particularly great passion for Banpresto's Super Robot Wars series.

... Let's see... What else...? I'm also a Computer Science student in a small and poor school somewhere and will gladly take any commissions (that's PAID commissions, by the way), trades (if I have the time and feel like it), or anything anyone asks for (for the most part). Almost anything. I reserve the right to turn stuff down. ... And I think that's it...

Oh, and... Of course, Anything and everything in here drawn belongs to whomever created the characters involved if I didn't make them up and stated so.

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