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He's an hottie
He's an hottie by Sonitweek C (@manucote)

Zak is soo the most hot and yummy guy that I have ( mmm maybe Tyl too LOL)

He's supose to be the sessy and the hottest guy in my characters LOL Every girls want him but he can't, he's with Lola ( Who will kill every girl who wanna touch her boyfriend LOL) Zak is the coolest too LOl So I drew him like he is.

I changed his sunglasses just for this pic 'cause I wanted to see his beautiful orange eyes. I added a bobble hat too 'cause it's fashion LOL ( At the University many guys wear that. ( and anyway Zak is a Fashion guy LOL) And for finish, a sweet coat. I love it and I think I'll draw Zak with this kind of clothes afain ^^

And Anyway you will see man pics of him 'cause I am in the mood to draw Him anyway ^_~

Furry / Anthropomorphic
Teen (D)
Finished Work
17 years and 292 days ago
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