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LET ME SHOW YOU THE WAY + SPEEDPAINT [February 14, 2016] by @Fireseeker_Arts (Fireseeker Arts)

This is actually my favorite installment for my narrative project! For this one I wanted to practice with scale, backgrounds and lighting. While I have drawn forests before, this was one of the few times where it actually looked decent to me. It's kinda a shame that later on in the years, I stopped drawing forests like these. They would fit well for the story I wish to make. I hope to redraw something like this again.

In this installment, Victoriam guides the girl through a dense forest, knowing that hidden in these forests there is someone that can train her the ways of the spear.

Speedpaint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psNG0DRx36o&ab_channel=FireseekerA47

Art and characters belong to me.

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