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Junicorn 2022 #22 - Cardinal
Junicorn 2022 #22 - Cardinal by B Sanders (@fragmented_imagination)

"A rare pseudopteric breed, cardinal unicorns are a territorial sort which prefer to keep to wooded areas. Just like regular cardinals, cardinal unicorns indicate their territory by song (which some people have described sounding similar to a donkey braying after breathing helium). They can be aggressive toward other pseudopteric breeds and sometimes the regular mammalian breeds as well. However, they are flighty when faced with different threats. Their manes imitate the cardinal's standing crest, and it has been observed that a cardinal unicorn's ability to locate the direction of a sound is aided by this crest."

A rush job that imitates the Jay entry. Not much else to say about it.

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217 days and 12 hours ago
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