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Naomi by Janna Fong (@jfong)

Just drew and colored this up. I haven't colored a picture of Naomi on the computer in a while, so here she is! I like the coloring. =)

The tablet makes it so much easier to color. I usually take a long time color her hair because it's the most detailed, but with tablet it was done a lot faster. I find it awesome that I can sketch a picture, ink it, and then color it all on the computer. It's like magic! XP

Lineart in Painter Colored in Photoshop

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19 years and 79 days ago
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Posted: Sunday, 10 October, 2004 @ 10:51 AM

Nice one! (Yeah, I was just trying to find a picture that didn't already have comments on it.)

It's good overall, but there are some small little things that could use a bit of improvement. Then again, I know it's old, so you've probably corrected those already! I'll leave another comment on a newer picture. Just because.

Er, anyway. The hair is perfect, no complaints! But her eyes, while they're neat otherwise, have a small perspective problem... it seems like her right eye (our left one) is longer (higher?) than her left one. Hm, or maybe she's just lifting her brow. Ô_o Right.

On some parts, the shading looks a bit weird, but I know how hard it is to get it look right. My main problem is that I can't decide for my life where the heck the light is coming from. In your case, the source of light is clearer (at least I think so), but on some places (mostly the hood, I think) the folds don't, er, correlate with each other, kind of. I'm using fancy words!

The anatomy. ...Nope, nothing to say about that. Besides, I can only draw my style anyway.

Geez, that was a long one! Um... enjoy it while I quickly go and comment on another one.

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