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Twilight Town Rave
Twilight Town Rave by Janna Fong (@jfong)

This image popped into my head a few days ago. I really liked the skateboards in KH2. I enjoyed pressing the "jump" button so I could literally fly over big areas and bypass running altogether. =P I thought it would be neat to draw an upward angle shot of Roxas skating around Twilight Town. The bottom of the board looked kind of stale after I colored everything, so I added the Olette, Hayner, and Pence decals. XP Enjoy!

Roxas' hair took crazy long to color. @_@

Drawn in Painter Colored in Photoshop orig. res: 2300x1777

Fan Art - Game
Finished Work
16 years and 251 days ago
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Posted: Friday, 28 July, 2006 @ 11:49 PM

Wow, this is amazing. First off, Kingdom Hearts 2 pwned. 2nd, this is an awesome picture, that is amazingly positioned and extremely well colored. I also love that you put the doodles of the other three on the bottom of the skateboard, extremely nice touch ^^ prods and pleads you to draw either Gaara (Naruto) or Reno (FF7) ...drools over Reno and Gaara... I'd love to see some artwork of them done. I'm extremely impressed by all your work, keep it up don't you dare stop ^^

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