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Nack as Genie scares poor Andre DuBois!
Nack as Genie scares poor Andre DuBois! by @Weasel_Silver24 (Miss D. (Debra))

LOL! Oh poor Andre finds Nack as a genie (yes, yes, the genie thing again) comes out of a "whipped cream" can! Whoa! And you thought genies had their fun in a bottle!

This idea has been in my head for a while now and I am glad I did it. Done with 2H & HB pencils, scannd, outlines and coloring all done by "Adobe Photoshop CS" with a graphics tablet. P.S. I`ve done Nack and Nic genies, and to see these drawings look somewhere on the pages on this gallery. Comments are very welcome! ^_^

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Nack The Weasel belongs to (C) Sega Andre DuBois Weasel belongs to Daisy Hunt (Lucky_Ladybug66). This drawing & idea is from (C) 2008 Miss D. (Debra)

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Posted: Wednesday, 23 July, 2008 @ 09:44 AM

LOOOL. The whipped cream can idea is genius. And I love how you did André's arm and hand; that's a really difficult pose. Overall, André is better proportioned than Nack (headdesk. I just spelled Zack instead....), whereas Nack's head is really too big for his body. His arms and hand are quite tiny by comparison. Or are the awkward proportions on purpose, due to the genie element?

Hmm.... Looking at it further, André's proportions aren't quite right, either. He seems too short for the scale you were drawing on, and though I love his hand, it may be slightly too big. But proportions aside, I really am amused by the concept.

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