Miguel Castaneda

2000 Hit Big Volfogg
2000 Hit Big Volfogg by Miguel Castaneda (@migucast)

Poor, poor Sasuke. He thought the very idea of a 50 foot ninja that transforms into a police car and combines with a helicopter and motorcycle was stupid. He just didn't have the COURAGE to get it. And now, Volfogg has taught him his first and sadly final lesson... RESPECT the Ninja Police Car!!! He just spent 4 lifetime's worth of hit points in one go... Poor, poor, stupid Sasuke. He thought that as a master kid ninja, he could beat a 50 foot robot but sadly... He just didn't get that said robot is also a ninja. And a much better one than him. Oh, well. [SHRUGS] I suppose that fox kid might be next if he doesn't fall in line, which he probably won't. Though, if he did, I'm sure Volfogg could teach him all sorts of neat tricks like the super secret, System Change Jutsuu! [IMAGENS NARUTO TURNING INTO A GAUDY ORANGE CAR THAT HONKS ANNOYINGLY AT PEOPLE] XD

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