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999 Flowers on the Wall
999 Flowers on the Wall by Janna Fong (@jfong)

Another KHR collab between T-chan and I. We took a square piece of paper and cut it in half so we could work separately. We later scanned our halves in and meshed them together in Photoshop. T and I used traditional media this time, but not everything went quite as planned. I used colored pencil while T used chalk pastels. I haven't used Prismacolor colored pencils in a while, so I had to get used to them again. I think I used around 5 to 6 colors for Shoichi's hair. The paper worked well with the colored pencils, but T ran into some issues.

The combination of smooth scrapbook paper, pastel, and a layer of fixative caused massive problems for T. Nothing wanted to blend. There were also parts that refused to take more than one layer of pastel. This led to random patches on her picture, which became frustrating. She couldn't add shadows, so Byakuran ended up looking flat. It didn't help that his color scheme is mostly white.

We debated on not uploading this, but since our other KHR collabs involve two people, we didn't want to make an exception for this one. If anything, it was a learning experience.

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14 years and 343 days ago
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Posted: Sunday, 27 April, 2008 @ 09:56 AM

Oh wow! I like the style idea, you both did great! ^_^

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