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Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke
Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke by @jfong (Janna Fong)

Another Naruto image for your viewing pleasure. I really like the way Sakura and Sasuke turned out. Naruto looks a bit weird. XP I put slightly more detail into my coloring this time because I felt like it. It's probably most evident in the faces. The background was taken from one of the comic's pages. Enjoy!

Drawn in Painter Colored in Photoshop

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Posted: Sunday, 22 February, 2004 @ 11:40 PM

Nice group picture and they look good against the BG. I'd agree though, that naruto looks kind of goofy. He kind of looks like Archie or something in that group there. Anyhow you have such nice clean colours with great use of whites. The only criticism I might levy is that maybe add more texture to the clothes. Overall great work though. Hey, why don't you try some Shaman King stuff. Your style would work well with that. Good luck with your future art!

Posted: Monday, 23 February, 2004 @ 03:12 PM

Very cute! I can definetly tell you put a lot more effort into the coloring than usual--I'm very impressed by the dark shadows on the faces and necks, followed by the semi-dark shadows. It's really amazing how we use a lot of the same coloring techniques, ne? I'm very impressed with the hair, too. You are just an EXPERT at cel-style shading, you know that?

I agree that some of the faces look slightly off--not so much Sasuke (I just think the black on his nose is a little thick) or Sakura, but I think the problem with Naruto is that his eyes aren't quite balanced. One seems to be a little bit higher than the other, which seems odd because he seems to be looking at us straight-on. Other than that, I don't notice anything askew.

I really am impressed with the textures on thier headbands--it looks just like mottled steel. :) And that is an EXCELLENT idea for the background--I'm really impressed with it. Great job!

Posted: Thursday, 26 February, 2004 @ 05:16 PM

Hm. Neato. Like the hair and headband highlights. Naruto...That seems really popular around here all of a sudden. Guess that means I should try to actually see it sometime,,,

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