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Benath the Waves
Benath the Waves by Gina Marie (@GinaMarie)

Atlantis - After the Fall

This is my first mermaid,slash, under water piece. I had originally intended it to be my Atlantis piece for the show, but I didn't feel it captured my vision of Atlantis as a living breathing culture, before its destruction. So I had placed this piece to the side. This week I found the time to finish it. It is alright, and I am in no danger of sending it to the but it could be lots better to my eyes. I think I learned a bit about doing mermaids, and am looking forward to doing more of them in the future. I also think I need some practice doing marine life, I feel the dophins look kinda flat, and my imaginary fish aren't quite believable. This isn't a very good picture, took it quickly with my digital, because it is a large piece, and will have to be scanned in pieces. For some reason the pinks in her tail, and back fins came out red in the photo.

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17 years and 166 days ago
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Posted: Sunday, 23 January, 2005 @ 11:58 AM

blushing....thank you!

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