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Here's the finished piece! This turned out way better than I expected it to. I really like the angle of looking down into the bag. I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but I think I did. =) One thing that could use some improvement would be the burger wrapping paper. It reminds me of a yellow rock. XP My favorite parts of the picture are the paper bags and the cup between the bags. ^^ This took so long to color. It's been a while since I've put so much effort into a real media piece. The other bag took 2 hours to color too. XP Making it look folded and crumpled was a challenge. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing!

Oh yeah, sorry for the flash in the middle of the picture! I know it washed out some of the colors. XP

18x24 Prismacolor markers and pencils Copic markers for the gray areas

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18 years and 341 days ago
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Posted: Thursday, 29 April, 2004 @ 10:25 PM

Well dip my nacho! That has to be the best realistic pic of junk food wrappers since....ever!! This is amazing! Masterfully done! I dunno what to say n_n;;; You should do more of this kind of stuff!

Posted: Monday, 17 May, 2004 @ 03:11 PM

Wow.. I'm speechless.... this is amazing!

Posted: Monday, 11 October, 2004 @ 11:56 AM

This is extremely well done. Most people wouldn't think of drawing discarded junk food containers, but you did an absolutely wonderful job. The perspective and shading on these things is great, as are the colors, and the prints on the labels...I really can't find anything at all wrong with this one. Keep drawing trash! ^_^

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