Site Questions

  • What is Side 7's policy on posted artwork?

    Side 7 allows the posting of almost any type of artwork, from cartoons to logos, music and spoken word, or literature, provided they do not infringe on any US or international copyright laws, and do not break any of Side 7's rules. All artwork remains the sole property of its creator.

  • Will my artwork be distributed by Side 7 in any way?

    No. Aside from public display via the web, Side 7 does not directly nor indirectly distribute anyone's artwork with or without their permission. By uploading your artwork to Side 7, you are only granting Side 7 the right to allow the public to view your images on the web via our service.

  • How can I stay informed about Side 7?

    Staying informed about what's going on with Side 7 is a great idea. It helps you stay up to date and lets you take full advantage of what Side 7 is offering. There are a number of ways to do this:

    1. Read the FAQ (this is updated occasionally)
    2. Read the headlines and news (Updated frequently)
    3. Read the rules (most important, but do not change frequently)
    4. Participate on the message board
    5. Participate in other Side 7 sanctioned activities

    As you can see, there is a wealth of information on Side 7. Please take the time to keep yourself up to date.

  • What is the Featured Artist on the front page?

    The Featured Artist (formerly Artist of the Day) programme helps to highlight a random artist each day.

    The pool of eligible site members consists of site members who have earned or purchased Featured Artist Tokens. Each night at midnight UTC, the system automatically selects a random site member from this pool; there is no moderator or administrative involvement in the selection process.

    There are checks and balances in effect in the selection process. These serve to ensure the same person isn't chosen multiple times in a row, and that the longer someone is waiting to be chosen, the higher their chances are of being chosen.

  • How do I obtain Featured Artist tokens?
    Tokens can be acquired in one of the following ways:
    • Maintaining a subscription (one free token per month for each month of the subscription).
    • Purchasing token packs from the Side 7 Store.
    • Winning tokens in Side 7 contests.
    • Being gifted with tokens by other site members.
    • Other means as they are put into place.

    Please note: Featured Artist tokens are not a physical object. They are virtual tokens that are tracked and managed by the site, and have no monetary value.

  • What is the Museum page?

    The Museum page is a watch-list so that site members can quickly view the latest uploads by their favourite site members. Additionally, it gives our members a way to quickly link back to each other, encouraging more community involvement.

    Site members may opt to prevent other members from adding them to their Museums.

  • Does Side 7 allow adult content?

    For the most part, the answer is no. Side 7 allows artistic nudes, provided the image is rated properly.

    For our members who are 18 and older, and who opt into the seeing such material, there is an Adults Only rating. This rating does allow for adult content.

  • Why are rated M image thumbnails blocked?

    In an effort to preserve our family-friendly goals, images with an M, or Mature, rating have their thumbnails blocked by default. This is done to prevent unsuspecting visitors from being exposed to material they might find objectionable or controversial. This default may be overridden or enhanced in the Site Preferences settings for members.