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Middle School Parodies - Started by: Knibitz
Middle School Parodies
Posted: 30 Sep 2006, 10:54 PM
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I just thought this sections needed a thread, so I'm making one.

Before you read: When I was in middle school, the 1st LOTR movie had just come out, and me and my best friend were OBSESSED! One day in pre-alg. I just started writing a crazy off the wall story about the LOTR characters, and thus, it began. We wrote LOTR parodies for 4 years, to make a total number of over 100 pages of complete nonsence.

you will need to know the following characters: Lego (legolas) - a complete idiotic elf who has a pet monkey named Pretzels Preztels - the idiot pet monkey that I (LG) will kill one way or another LG (L greenleaf)- myself, I live with Lego and pretzals, and completely hate the monkey

NONE OF THIS is made to be taken seriously, it is full of gramatical and spelling errors, please do not bash me on how stupid this is and how its horrible. THATS THE POINT! This is only to give people somthing to read if they feel like it :D

(the story is told from my point of view)

Enjoy: LG's Game Show Well today I felt like torturing pretzels and lego, so I shoved them in their carseats, making sure I suffocated both of them, and After breaking the speed limit, driving on the wrong side of the road, getting in 7 car crashes, and getting 1,000,021 tickets, we finally made it to the place where I would make my game show, “The wheel of torture” (oh joy ^_^). This is how the game works: you grab either lego or pretzels, tie them down to a spinning wheel that has an eleven health association warning sticker on it ( it has to have nails, spikes, etc. sticking out of it). Then spin it, and whichever color the spinner stops on is the torture to be preformed on the elf, hobbit, demon, etc. tied to the wheel. Today’s torture was to be preformed on pretzel. The spinner landed on black and so he had to watch sixteen hours of the AMC (anti-monkey-channel) while eating exploding elf crackers. Well since everybody loved my game show, I made several episodes and tortured pretzels on every one of them. When I tried to put lego on the wheel, the elf king came, arrested me, and blew up my studio, so we all died and no one cared anymore.

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