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Mail - Started by: chaseawaythedark
Posted: 03 Feb 2024, 09:57 AM
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There are a number of threads for different domains already that you might think of here (Artfall, Tropes, etc.), but mail... gawd I no like mail. Actual mail, btw.

How many here have a thing or two to say about mail related experiences? It's not great for me. Which one might say is a shame because I'm affiliated with so many services, especially as the person with the world record for the most places having signed up for, unless you can consider constant delivery theft, deliveries meant to be taken across a single border ending up circulating almost on the other side of the territory, or the wrong people receiving the wrong things. Yesterday I sent a message to someone in this manner, as their birthday is coming up and I also wanted to do something diplomatic following a tragic accident I caused (causing them to be semi-banned from something they liked doing by accidentally reporting one of their posts about depression because I thought it had the grace of Reddit but then observing the service two weeks later treating it like a "graphic imagery" violation instead which means no more server privileges for him except for the ones he's already in) and it just so happened the person on duty that day was absolutely speedrunning everything and messing everything up. The pony express might be good to aspire to, but c'mon.

All I gotta say to that is I think the role would be good done by laypeople.

RE: Mail
Posted: 10 Feb 2024, 08:20 AM

Update on the situation described above: I can rest easier unlike what I've been accustomed to recently, as the letter finally reached its destination. It doesn't change my past experiences but it does give a little legroom for possibilities which I underestimated. Was 110% worth it.

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