Spy vs Spy OCs

This is a fan group that I decided to make for those who wish to revive the old infamous comic of the spies. Any fanarts, OCs, AU characters are allowed here.

Though it seems new to you or you might have never heard of it, no worries, this could also give you a chance to understand and bring forth anew future of fans.

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Allowed Media: Images, Literature
Allowed Ratings: E, T, M

  1. No political propaganda is prohibited.
  2. No NSFW, nudity is prohibited.
  3. Please tag properly (E, T, or M] or [CW or TW: Content Warning/Trigger Warning]
  4. Be respectful to other people and their art.
  5. Please credit, if you've been to collabs, MAPs (multiple animator project), or from another group. Not to mention from other sites.

All Side 7 rules apply, as well.