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As a general rule I keep my personal information to myself! But art-wise I'm a self taught artist specializing in fantasy, some horror, mythology, steampunk and other random art styles as the mood decides! Media? I'm teaching myself how to paint (which is a work in progress) and markers (again, work in progress) and pencil. the art goes all over the place as the mood takes me.

I'm a follower of chaos so my motto is pretty much 'welcome to chaos'. I'm a happily unique/weird/strange individual who's interviewed musicians, runs a small publishing company and generally follows their own path through the universe and assorted dimensions. Those who know me say I'm like the Cheshire Cat in doing the unexpected and strange, which is perfectly 'normal' for me. I'm also a published author both print and on-line forums.

Art-wise I can also be found over on Deviant Art on occasion and very rarely over at Buzzly

Please note that the works that I post here cannot be used for AI or for NFT purposes. IF you wish to do so, please contact me and discuss the potential project with me. If you try to use my work for AI purposes or for any other uses without my permission, we will be having a discussion about that.

So, welcome to chaos...

Latest Journal Entry
The Account's Going Dark For A Time...
03 Jun 2023, 09:34 PM

Good afternoon everyone, please read the info below.

good afternoon! A word of warning - not this account, but another account of mine got hacked, 'courtesy' of a business acquaintance who had their account and associated info hacked; said hacker(s) have been trying to cause havoc with the stolen info that they gained through said business contact.

I'm going to temporarily shut down my S7 account and then once everyone's sure everything's secured and any possibly compromised info's been secured or the like, I'll create a new account. A lot of the stuff that was stolen was peoples' artwork among other things so we're all pulling artwork etc off the sites and will be reloading all of that at later times. So just a word of warning that a lot of my stuff will be going dark for a while until everyone's sure everything's been taken care of.

I'm going to shut down my account for a time until things have been taken care of. IF you see any posts from me that are way out of the ordinary (.e. promoting racism/hate speech/homophobia etc.), THESE ARE NOT FROM ME. Please let me know and BK know as well so we can get those removed and find out who's posted such. Artwork is being removed as well and will be reposted at a later time.