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DeviantArt | Mastodon | Pres Cafe | Media Spy

Not an actual knight, but a newcomer sharing his pastime creations and passion to TV pres to the world.

Contains a little bit of everything, posting once in a while.

[This station currently operates in low power - this means, it works akin to a backup drive of my works, instead of receiving commissions and requests from you. Sorry!]

Note: This station presents half of my retro TV works from television forums and DeviantArt - head over to my Mastodon profile for the rest!

Latest Journal Entry
Spamming Side 7 in procrastination...
25 Jan 2024, 12:16 PM

Inspired by fellow Side 7 artist dustsucker2099, I've decided to spam the submission feed and dust out my old DA archives. Hope you like them!

To rant a bit: I'm getting tired of posting on DA, to be honest... Seeing the audience turned from niche forumers who may ring a bell to their old childhood, to little kids who like a logo stuck on things, I feel like I'm less inspired to work on newer things :(

I post my more modern times stuff (i.e. my alternative vision to things seen on TV nowadays) over on Media Spy's Random Mocks thread alongside others' much more magnificent works, so please check them out if you're interested. I'll keep dusting off some more things over here, as well as the cross-posting the new(er) ones both on here and Mastodon.

See you there ^^