B Sanders

Roxanne Character Reference

Species: Novel Series
Age: 13
Place of Birth:
Gender Identity:

Although a rebuild of the worlds in the original Alatian Chronicles coming out of 2010, Roxanne deserves to be an entity apart from Leila through the fact that they carry different attributes. While her sister is much more formal, Roxy is loose and trendy. She has a fun-loving nature and a modern aesthetic compared to Leila. She is not prone to violence like her sister and has a thirst for invention and discovery. Most of all, she likes to have fun with whatever she is doing. She also knows when things are going too far and is usually the first to rabbit when things get out of hand. Like her sister, she is an avid reader. In fact, she has actually absorbed many a plotline and stored it all in her head, making her an encyclopedia of stories which can be easier to peruse.


Speaks all the languages of the known Alatian worlds, making her the second-biggest polyglot among the stories.




She links to Sandy through Leila, as her stories are direct sequels to each of Leila's stories.

Family and Friends:

Younger sister of Leila.