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11 August, 2023
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Michigan, United States
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Contact me for pricing. Its usually around $100 (paypal only please) for standard character piece but I'm happy to work with you on something that satisfies both of us.
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It's me, Rollee

Artist by hobby, engineer by trade

I have interests in many creative subjects including rpgs and table top miniatures (specifically 40k), but drawing is my work horse, by mule. Commission from my art is how I fund my other projects.

Most of my art works, other than my commissions, falls under either my rpg characters (all which I draw) and either Factory of Madness series or my more recent Caedadid Xenology series.

Feel free to send me a message on anything, even if its not a commission request. I'm generally happy to talk!

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November News
26 Oct 2023, 02:04 PM

So one big news. After some deliberation, I’ve decided that I’m going to try to get a table at an Artist’s Alley at a local convention next year. No real details on that yet. Till then, I’m gonna spend the time on prep work. Mostly this means I’m gonna start making some more art that will be easier to sell. This mostly means I’m gonna add some more popular fan art to my portfolio, but it can mean anything really. On that note, I’m open to suggestions on what fan art you might want to see!

But those are long term projects. As for the current ongoing stuff, first Factory of Madness. I have a Piedmont Factory layout I’m gonna post soon. I’m also gonna play around with Side7’s updated character feature to post an article on each of the 31 ghosts, even if I don’t have a finished piece of art for them. A hint of more stuff to eventually come for those who want to look through it.

Then I’m switching over to more Caedadid stuff for a bit. I’m planning to add more stories involving them. A big thing I want to do, but I’m having some difficulty figuring out how is post more stuff about their physiology. The problem is this stuff is just… alot of text, like pseudo scientific text. I’ve thought about just releasing it as a small pamphlet, but that seems a bit boring. Open to suggestions here too.