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11 August, 2023
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Michigan, United States
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Contact me for pricing. Its usually around $100 (paypal only please) for standard character piece but I'm happy to work with you on something that satisfies both of us.
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It's me, Rollee

Artist by hobby, engineer by trade

I have interests in many creative subjects including rpgs and table top miniatures (specifically 40k), but drawing is my work horse, by mule. Commission from my art is how I fund my other projects.

Most of my art works, other than my commissions, falls under either my rpg characters (all which I draw) and either Factory of Madness series or my more recent Caedadid Xenology series.

Feel free to send me a message on anything, even if its not a commission request. I'm generally happy to talk!

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Things to come
15 Sep 2023, 03:20 PM

So those who are watching me, may have noticed a significant decrease in submission This is just because I'm starting to run out of backlogs to post. I still have more but I'm rationing it out a bit. I'm still pretty actively drawing so it might get alot slower but they'll still keep coming

On that note, things to come:

Still more Factory of Madness stuff. Kelsey is almost done so you can expect to see that probably next week and the next one after that will probably be Rheena. These were the two requested ones, but after that I want to draw some of the boys (I made too many of the girls already). I'm actually also working on the Piedmont Factory Schematic, which should also be soon and Ill continue to make lore drops once a week as well, those are easy.

So there is a reason I'm making so much FoM stuff, its preparation for Halloween (not directly related to Side 7) but I do plan to work on other things too towards the end of Oct. My immediate goal is one or two more Caedadid stuff, but I'm open to suggestions, has there been stuff from me you wanted to see more of. A long time till the end of oct to ponder on it.