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If you'd like a commission or art trade feel free to contact me! Art trades are listed as open because I do want to do them, but I may still say no because my schedule might not really allow the time for it. Just send mee a message or comment or whatever!
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Arlright, uh!

I've been into drawing and creating my own characters since I was a kid. I never grew out of it, so here we are! I even went to college for drawing. I have several projects in the works that have been in progress for years. Lately I've really fallen off the wagon with art, though, and that's kinda depressing. I live a sort of double life, in a way. The other aspect of myself is a traveling musician, and I suppose I've been giving that side of myself way more attention during the past few years. I don't regret anything I've done, but I think I will regret losing my artistic side completely. So here is another attempt to keep it going.

I did recently build a website for the comic I've been working on since, I dunno, 2007? So that's exciting for me. There's only 3 pages posted right now, but I think having a home for it is really going to help me focus and bring it to life. That's the hope, anyway. I added a link to it in my links section, "X-Circuit".

Annnnddd otherwise.... I guess I'll be posting art here now and then! I'll probably post some older stuff that I still like and then... HOPEFULLY... there will be new stuff to share!