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Christmas '14
Christmas '14 by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

My sixth submission to DYOS XII. [link]

Alternate title: In which Thorvald risks becoming a Tani enabler. In celebration of almost making it on time after five years, for the first time ever I'm posting a DYOS page here the same day it airs on CFC. As the opening line informs, the gag was originally planned for Hallowe'en, but I surmised early into the month that I wasn't going to make October 31, and so put it off 'til December. One day more, and @GenMarshall wouldn't have beaten me to the first FNaF reference in DYOS! :fistshake:

As usual, my instinct was to throw this in Scraps, but there are a lot of good expressions in this, and at any rate it will forewarn my recently-acquired watchers of the comedic absurdity that typifies this channel. ~~FLY, YOU FOOLS~~

Guests of honour: choxorn, CivGeneral, @Danimarion, Reus, e350tb, Stylesrj, and yours truly. Captain2 did not appear in this film. Bonus points if you can name all the costumes.

Fun fact: Reynaud's getup used 3½ rolls of duct tape.

All contributors © themselves;
Doctor Who © the BBC;
Five Nights at Freddy's © Scott Cawthon;
Regular Show © Cartoon Network;
Stronghold © Firefly Studios;
X-Men © Marvel Comics;
[Thorvald(https://www.side7.com/u/Thorvald/character/7002), Peter, Rudolph & Captain Reynaud © me.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt December 2014.]

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