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Working the Gaslights
20 Sep 2023, 05:00 PM

One more phantom block and I am seriously going to lose it. I appreciate that my playing custodian without an official mod badge may rub some users the wrong way, but when I'm getting shut out by people I haven't directly interacted with in months, after they send me a friend request, I can't help feeling I've stumbled into some sort of forum drama crossfire.

Am I missing something, or is this cosmic counterbalance for me dodging all the dA feuds?

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And on the 314th day, he rested.
15 Sep 2023, 08:25 PM

As of yesterday, I have finished mirroring my DeviantArt gallery. A few pieces didn't carry over, either because they're glorified title cards for downloads, meme journals and general status updates, or dA-specific throwaways, though I may do a general compilation of miscellaneous notes worth keeping at a later date (especially if/when literature gets revamped and I can properly code section hooks).

Continuing in the spirit of S7 Exclusives, there are a lot of loose items used on CivFanatics ... Read more

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Enjoy the rest, General...
17 Aug 2023, 10:00 PM
...Soon, the memes will begin again!

There's one last Buzzly vent in the archive, but that's later in the timeline.

Thank you for your patience. :saluteplz:

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12 Aug 2023, 07:45 PM

I finally scrounged the time to sit down and clean up SHTAR WORZ 1 and 2. The texts now mostly match the formatting in the PDFs, besides custom font. Unfortunately, while anchor links work in the preview, the IDs are stripped from the tags when the changes go live, so the tables of contents remain untranslatable.

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Storage Wars
11 Jul 2023, 10:10 PM


nearly full

I'd originally estimated I could mirror the full gallery within about one gigabyte, though that was before storage was increased and I began submitting Site Exclusive pieces. The original New Zealand album is almost complete, and since the photos are the lion's share of file size, I'll still have plenty to spare even after the coming flag dump.

See you at five gigs!

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The MGE Conversion Project
26 May 2023, 09:01 PM

As mentioned in the April update, a long-term project of mine is to update the original index of scenarios that shipped with Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition for compatibility with Test of Time. To help track progress, and crowdsource input on updated graphics and potential rebalances, I've created an official coordination thread on CivFanatics. I haven't decided whether ... Read more

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Spring Planting
15 Apr 2023, 09:45 PM

As we thaw out of winter, I'm also thawing out a suite of modding projects new and familiar alike:

Civilization II

Having finally got a handle on the wild world of hex editing, I'm tackling a project that has been on the wish-list for a while: converting the legacy MGE scenarios to Test of Time. This is in tandem with the specific goal of cleaning up the third-party scenario The Day After, which even in its original format was practically unplayable due to a gross oversight in the ... Read more

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