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I'm a broken rose
I'm a broken rose by Janna Fong (@jfong)

Portrait of singer/actress/model Anna Tsuchiya. I first heard of her when she sang the opening songs of the Nana anime. Great singing voice for Nana Osaki!

I chose this picture because I love her eyes and multi-dyed hair. I took peoples' advice and used a smaller brush to make the hair strokes. It worked out beautifully! It looks so much less chunky than my previous portraits. Thanks for suggestions, guys. =) The biggest challenge was doing the hands. It took awhile for me to create definition and make it look like she had hands instead of colored blobs. I used a textured brush here and there too.

Favorite parts: Hair, eyes, and necklace.

Done in Photoshop. Photo reference used.

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13 years and 269 days ago
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Posted: Thursday, 09 July, 2009 @ 08:03 AM
Rating: 5

Oh wow. When I saw the thumbnail of this one, I thought for certain that it was a photo. Even looking at the fullsize image, some parts of it, like the eyes, I would not have guessed were painted at all. I agree that the jewelry is excellently painted as well, it looks so real, and the hair does look better. Amazing work. How long did this take you?

Posted: Thursday, 09 July, 2009 @ 03:36 PM

It took about 8-10 hours in total. I took breaks when my eyes felt fatigued. It's amazing how many "mistakes" you see when you step back from your drawing! In the WIP, her eyes, nose, and mouth were way too small. Thank you for the kind comments! I'm glad you like the eyes. I tried to make them as lifelike as possible. =)

Posted: Thursday, 09 July, 2009 @ 11:00 AM
Rating: 5

The hair came out excellent! Using the finer brush did wonders, and way you added the strands going off in different directions make it look much more realistic.

The shiny textures in this are really well done, too. The jewelry looks like it has sparkle and weight, and I think my favorite part of the pic might be the gloss on her lips.

Her skin is wonderfully soft=looking. ^^ Maybe a little more blending on the hands, and there'd be no way to tell that this wasn't a photo... So maybe you shouldn't touch up the hands, so people know it's an awesome painting instead. ;)

Posted: Thursday, 09 July, 2009 @ 03:39 PM

Thank you for the hair tip! :D I'm really happy it turned out the way it did. After I got the feeling of making hair strands, I dived right in. I guess my next focus is hands! Thanks for the feedback. It's always appreciated! =)

Posted: Saturday, 15 August, 2009 @ 03:45 PM

Ooo, thanks for the suggestion! I'm pretty new to realistic human paintings, so I didn't even think about adding a different color. I'll try that next time!

It's good to meet another Nana fan! I admit I've only seen the anime and live action film, but I liked both! I got hooked on Olivia and Anna's music afterward. =D

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