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Christmas '10
Christmas '10 by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

My 34th submission to DYOS XI. [link]
Special Musical Guest: The Proletariat

And so begins the tradition of getting my Christmas specials in progressively later. I'd determined I wouldn't have the time to do a "proper" comic, so I took a page from Aardman's Creature Comforts and threw out a set of questions to my colleagues, their responses given here verbatim. Except Tani, who never replied in the first place.

Special mention to taillesskangaru, who went above and beyond the call of duty to provide accompanying sketches that shaved off a fair chunk of production time.

Guests of honour: Captain2, choxorn, CivCube, CivGeneral, @Danimarion, Gruekiller, Huayna Capac357, Kan' Sharuminar, kill fire, kulade, lord_joakim, mythmonster2, Omega124, Patrick (on behalf of e350tb), Perfection, Stylesjl, Stylesrj, taillesskangaru, Taniciusfox, and yours truly.

Captain Locke © D.C. Simpson;
The Crimson Binome © Mainframe/Rainmaker Entertainment;
Jill Valentine © Capcom;
Rhiza Kalanin © milizeelashee;
Rocket & the Narrator © taillesskangaru;
Rosalina © Nintendo;
The Spy © Valve;
Delivery Guy, the Three Wise Guys & Captain Reynaud © me.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt January 2014.]

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