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Rainy Day
Rainy Day by Janna Fong (@jfong)

Let me start by saying I love this picture. This is my first time rendering rain and it was super fun to do! I kept going back and touching it up because it was so fun! ::nerd:: XP Making the glow, rain drops, rain streaks....it was all great! Okay, I'll stop talking about the rain now. =Þ I did a lot of experimentation in the picture. First, the lineart is not done in black, but light brown. I thought the change might add to the atmosphere of the picture. Mind you, I had no idea how it would work out. I've never colored a picture with non-black lines before. XP I also toned down my usual bright palette and went for a more grayer one. This is most evident in their skin color. The rain was the biggest experiment of all. I didn't even know where to start! However, with a little experimenting here and there I got it down. ^_^ The bg is comprised of two photos I took.

What inspired me for this image is an event that happened back when I was in junior high. My friends and I ran out into the rain with umbrellas and just horsed around. I twirled my umbrella around and around and it ended up turning inside out. ^_^;;

Anyway, this was drawn for the S7 contest being currently held on the forums. Check it out! It brings out your creativity. =) I'm on spring break so I decided to join in. I wish I had more free time from school. ;_;

This picture made me realize I should experiment more with action, atompshere, and expression. The subject matter really forced me to think outside of my small box. XP Thank you, S7!

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Posted: Monday, 26 April, 2004 @ 04:38 PM

Hi! Ive been wanting to comment on your gallery for a long time, I just never had much time, but i was finaly able to see it, and youve drawn some great (i mean really great)pictures. but this one is definately my favorite! This is amazing! I love rainy day pictures, and this one is excellent. I really like colors in this, ASAthena is right, it adds a sense of maturity to the picture, but the picture is still really fun. I like the expressions, and I love to see how you took one of your own experiences as inspiration for the picture. I cant wait to see more of you pictures! Oh, and thankyou for all your comments, I really (I mean really) enjoy seeing them! Thanks for all of them, your to kind. ^_^

Posted: Monday, 11 October, 2004 @ 11:52 AM

this is very well done. The rain looks excellent! I've never tried drawing rain, but it seems like it would be difficult. I love the colors as well...very subdued, perfect for a rainy day. I only see one problem, and it's a very small one....the kid in the back's umbrella handle seems too thick. That's just me being nit-picky,though. This is an excellent image. Great work once again ^_^

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