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Megatokyo cast
Megatokyo cast by @jfong (Janna Fong)

Omg, I finally finished! This picture took three weekends to finish. It usually takes me one weekend to complete an image.

Anyway, here's the cast from the webcomic, MegaTokyo. I felt like drawing Piro and Largo one day and it ended up turning into this. @@ I kept adding characters and expanding the canvas until I had drawn the entire main cast. I even added Asmodeus and Belphagor! I really like how everyone turned out, except Ed's face scares me a little. I'm also quite proud of my coloring job. ^_^ The hardest part to color was Miho's dress, hands down. Those stripes killed me. XP The hardest part to draw was probably Largo holding his cool thing. I had to model my hand to get a feeling for how he would be holding it.

The background is from a photo I took. I tried to draw several backgrounds, but none of them turned out decently. I opted for a photo bg when I failed five times to draw one. XP

I'm kind of bummed that I had to size it down so much. The original image is much bigger. I'll add close ups after this. =)

Comments much appreciated! I worked really hard on this.

Drawn in Painter Colored in Photoshop

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Posted: Sunday, 25 July, 2004 @ 08:37 AM

This picture is AMAZING!, I love Megatokyo, Its one of my favourite mangas, all the characters are so likeable and diverse and they are all so easy to recognise all everyone in the picture!

Posted: Friday, 29 October, 2004 @ 05:30 PM


Girl, you got m4d skillz. XP Especially Dom and Ed. XP Though . . . Dom should've had a shotgun or something. XD Seriphem turned out really good . . . And so did Erika. Junipe is da bomb. >3 Did I spell that right? =S

Hmmm . . . though maybe I'd suggest some of the faces need to be a little shorter? And Miho should look just a bit more sinister . . . XD But in the long run, everything is very, very kewl. >3 Great job on the coloring.

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