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Callius Lines
Callius Lines by Damian Power (@Chaos-Mirror)

Another sketch in my down time. Callius the Sand Cat! Fancy bugger this one. Another character in Rhith's story, the non-fandom variant that is. He's responsible for extending the jackal's influence and contacts through the elite ranks. More details will be given in time! :3

The pin on his jacket is supposed to be his family crest but it didn't work out as planned so it's back to brainstorming! If any of you guys have suggestions on a new design, please share. The only thing is it must have a serpent or more. Alchemical reference would be fun but not needed.

Furry / Anthropomorphic
6 days and 13 hours ago
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Posted: Sunday, 07 August, 2022 @ 01:52 PM
Rating: 4

So, I read the description, and I had this idea. A serpent in the shape of the alchemical symbol for bismuth (which is a circle with a pair of horns on top). Bismuth has a wide range of applications, which seems to fit with Callius' role of extending the jackal's influence, and has an incredibly long half-life that, considering Callius appears to be part of the elite himself, would make the symbol appealing to an upper-class family. It would be a relatively simple feature, but it could at least be a start.

Very fine work on the character, by the way. I can't wait to see him in color.

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