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Emblem of the Chinese Union
Emblem of the Chinese Union by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

Emblem of the Chinese Union in the IOT spin-off Multipolarity II, a fairly uninspired modification of the emblem of the Republic of China. I can write books about the most tangential political roleplay, but damned if I can think of an original symbol! :p

The Federal Union of China is the descendent/full realization of the Co-operative Federation of Xinjiang from the original Multipolarity, and as such, is the ideological opposite of christos200's factions, representing popular democracy and international co-prosperity. It emerges during the epilogue to MP1 following Operation Shah Mat, in which the Otto régime is ousted for good. Following the GUNS War, it becomes something of a global moral authority and vanguard of numerous international projects, the most important being the International Space Programme and the Global Climatological Commission, which it tries to keep afloat during the intermittent catastrophes in the 820-year interval between the two games. Like its precursor, the Union has close, semi-official ties to the Scarlet Lancers, and the Red Lotus operates as "Director-General" of what basically amounts to a shadow government.

Unlike the flag, I did have some deeper meaning in mind when I made this. The red ring represents the Lancers' pledge to protect the state, which gains a quasi-personal dimension with christos' attempt to resurrect the George/Otto line with the Empire of China.

UPDATE 3-9-22: Downloadable vector available in the SVG Legacy Flag Pack!

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt December 2012.]

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