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My 12th submission to DYOS VIII.

For reasons since lost to time, I was absent DYOS (and possibly CFC at large) from late May to late July 2007. Back in these days, even just a week off could leave you radically behind plot-wise—some threads didn't even last two months, meaning such back-in-the-saddle announcements might actually be warranted.

This was the first showcase of Operation Flashpoint content compatible with the Resistance expansion, AKA virtually all the good mods. While I'd had the base game for several years, back before digital distribution took over computer game retail, we had to rely on physical copies—typically through third parties like eBay, where these suckers inexplicably were reselling for hundreds of dollars, if they were even available. By chance I stumbled on the Gold Edition alongside the newly-minted ArmA: Armed Assault during the trip to France earlier that year, and scooped up both without a moment's hesitation. ArmA turned out to be too much for my potato PC, but I'd continue milking OFP for machinomics into the present day.

The first spot was spoofing a recent announcement that the Czech government had passed a law making public swearing a fineable offence; "Would you believe, giant firecracker?" is an incredibly obscure reference to a Royal Canadian Air Farce skit spoofing the initial weapons inspections that preluded the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

This reference wouldn't have even been possible back then, but if you think a handgun isn't effective AA, you don't know Rimmy.

Rocky & Bullwinkle © Jay Ward et al.;
Operation Flashpoint/ArmA: Cold War Assault © Bohemia Interactive;
CivGeneral & Stylesrj © themselves.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt December 2022.]

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