Grocery Shopping
Grocery Shopping by @MyFurryMind

Don't some of us find it frustrating that there are those kind of people who linger around in the most inconvenient of times and places? Especially in a grocery shop line? Poor Ulfson wished he had the patience that Kitten has, but he wouldn't trade for it if it meant he wouldn't be able to speak his mind out when nonsense finds him. It's his best trait, in Kitten's opinion, but not so great for everyone else on the receiving end.

What is YOUR most annoying moments during grocery shopping?

  • Art, Kitten & Ulfson © MyFurryMind 2023

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Posted: Monday, 27 November, 2023 @ 04:22 AM
Rating: 5

Oof! I’m assuming this was based on a real life experience? In that case, I don’t blame either of you for getting annoyed! I would be too if someone just held up the line like that!

So far, the most annoying things I had to deal with when I’m grocery shopping is waiting in long lines with folks that have TONS of groceries and not finding what I’m looking for in the store. The latter moreso mainly because that meant I have to drive to a whole different grocery store(s) just to have even a chance of finding said item, and I end up wasting more time and gas in the process! UUGGHH!

Posted: Monday, 27 November, 2023 @ 06:24 PM

@Agondray: Yes and no, hehe, but I've had experiences related to this and it's annoying as hell.

That's a given for many of us, it's a struggle for sure.

Posted: Wednesday, 29 November, 2023 @ 05:45 PM

@MyFurryMind: I’m sure they are! I’d find it annoying, especially when I’m on a time crunch.

True dat! XD

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