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Hello everyone! How do you do?

In case you couldn’t tell by my username, I go by Agondray. Tis’ Pig Latin for ‘dragon’, by the way!

Here is what I will share if you want to know more about me.

— Been alive for 25+ years.

— I am a male, both biologically and identifiably. Please don’t refer to me as they/them or she/her.

— I’m into things involving history, mythology and folklore, fantasy, sci-fi, and sometimes a mixture of all and other themes.

— Born on April Fool’s Day. No, really! It ain’t a joke!

— Can be considered a man of culture. To what extent, I’m not sure. Key word being ‘can’.

— Been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog for as long as I can remember.

— Nature lover. I like all kinds of animals, plants, fungi, etc.

— The only exceptions to the above statement are certain arthropods. Specifically gnats, horse and deer flies, mosquitoes, and ticks.

— Been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

— I’m a bit of a procrastinator.

— Currently still living with parents.

As of now, art is sort of a hobby of mine. I just don’t have the time to commit to it full time. But I’m always looking for ways to improve, and do enjoy it once I find time for it. I also like coming up with stories and expanding on them if I can!

I also dream of becoming a content creator someday. Comics, animated shows, video games; that sort of thing. I want to build up my with skill with drawing(especially digital format) before I commit to anything, though.

That’s. . .all I got say. Take care!

Latest Journal Entry
🎇Independence Day 2024🎆
04 Jul 2024, 09:02 PM

Hey ya'll! This is just a quick little update/message for all of you.

First off, a little update. Now that I finally have some time off, I'm going to try to use some of it for making some new digital drawings. They're going to be for an upcoming art show. I MIGHT also try to work on some other projects of mine, but that doesn't seem to be a guarantee at this moment in my life. 

Man, I really need to get my crap together.

Secondly, I wanted to wish all my fellow Americans on here a happy Independence Day!🇺🇸 But if you're not from the United States, or simply don't celebrate it; I hope you have a good 4th of July regardless!

That's all for now! Take care, and stay safe!