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Jailbreak by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

My 40th submission to DYOS VI.

And thus we're treated to the first substantial use of Operation Flashpoint for my comicking. This particular comic used the Invasion 1944 demo, evidenced by the camo-painted Kubelwagen. For whatever reason, the mod's alpha release only had it in black; one of the many curious inconsistencies between releases, and one not easily rectified by simply merging the content.

This technically marks my last contribution to the main storyline. I can still recall, I had a scene all planned for once Richtofen was dealt with and the crusade against CurtSibling at last began in earnest. Alas, that adventure was not to be...

Operation Flashpoint/ArmA: Cold War Assault © Bohemia Interactive;
VG Cats © Scott Ramsoomair.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt May 2013.]

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