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Unexpected Sweetness
Unexpected Sweetness by Janna Fong (@jfong)

In the days following the Ring Battles, as Tsuna and the rest of Family were recuperating, Lancia finds himself playing the unexpected role of babysitter to a bunch of unruly 5-year-old assassins. It's a day of fun and food for everyone at the carnival.

Nineth in our KHR series. T-chan and I chose to draw serial killer-looking Lancia looking after egg-headed Ipin. Lancia may look a mass murderer, but he somehow has soft spot for children. This scenario was inspired by chapter 135 where he's seen with the children clambering all over him.

I had a tough time with one. Mostly due to my inability to draw perspective and hands. T had to model for me several times before I drew something decent looking. Coloring the cotton candy and making it blend with the rest of the picture was a challenge as well. We're still not totally satisfied with the finished work, but we do like how the linework turned out.

Side note: The way I drew Lancia reminds me a bit of Vegeta from DBZ.


Drawn in OC1.1 Effects added in Photoshop

Fan Art - Anime/Manga
Finished Work
15 years and 30 days ago
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