Damian Power

Blood and Love
Blood and Love by Damian Power (@Chaos-Mirror)

Person who commissioned this asked to remain anonymous.

Ever have your brain change drawing styles at a whim while working on something? That's what happened here resulting in an art-style soup. Still turned out nice. Plenty of practice earned as there was much I haven't done before.

Might add some info about what's going on but been up all night trying to finish this...tired.

Fan Art - Game
Teen (SV)
Finished Work
47 days and 23 hours ago
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Posted: Saturday, 14 May, 2022 @ 06:03 PM
Rating: 5

Boy, something happened. Doesn't look like it ended very pretty, but, hey, these two look all right. Love the play with the shadows in the back; I can see how the characters can cast something so bizarrely specific on the wall behind them.

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