El Thorvaldo

The Invasion of Canada
The Invasion of Canada by El Thorvaldo (@Thorvald)

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My 29th submission to DYOS X. [link]

Alternate title: 28 Days Later, because when I was copypasting General Natynczyk's wiki article, I learned that's how long he'd been Chief of Defence Staff when this comic happened. (Coincidentally, the filename is DYOS_28.) :p LGen Bouchard was—not a random pick as he was deputy commander of NORAD at the time, but I'd wager even Canadian audiences probably didn't know him. He would gain a much higher public profile in 2011, when he was appointed commander of the NATO mission in Libya.

If the opening seems reminiscent of the intro to Red Alert 2, it's not a coincidence. ;)

Operation Flashpoint/ArmA: Cold War Assault © Bohemia Interactive;
VG Cats © Scott Ramsoomair.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt January 2014.]

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