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Myth Noir [1/11]
Myth Noir [1/11] by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

Part of my 49th contribution to DYOS XI. [link]
Follow the link for maximum enjoyment.

You are MYTHMONSTER2, SUPREME OVERLORD OF APOLYTON. The HAAAX has been surprisingly useful to you, as PUL WAT AA only seemed interested in harassing CIVFANATICS, leaving you to pursue your nefarious machinations in comfortable secrecy. With his defeat now imminent, you decide it's as good a time as any to shake up the status quo. You are currently considering how best to rejoin DYOS XI after literally years of being out of the loop.

> MM2: Examine projection.

Taken together, this comic is the story of how I finally read Homestuck. I had made two false starts prior, once shortly after the conclusion of Problem Sleuth and then another maybe about a year or so later. Trying to figure out mythmonster2's avatar led me to the MSPA Wiki months before I was inspired to do this; at the time I hadn't realized Jack was a Homestuck character.

The script was constructed backwards based on snippets I'd read on the wiki, starting from "You could not kill the girl" and building a comic around it. Ever the perfectionist, to ensure I got Jack's nuances right, I hunkered down late December and read the entire archives in under a week. Originally the cartoon was to be done in "my" style, but when I began, I suddenly had the stroke of genius to imitate the MSPA format.

I'm very happy with the result.

Homestuck © Andrew Hussie et al.;
mythmonster2 © himself.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt February 2012.]

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